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Celebrating 50 years of committed service

the beginning

On March 5, 1967, Wes-T-Rans, as the company was then known, opened as a remanufacturer of transmissions and differentials for light duty trucks at a small shop on Bannister Road in Winnipeg. The company quickly found a market for its product at local repair shops, including Canadian Tire service centres.


1970s1970s: A Growing Company Soon, the growing company was rapidly adding new mechanics to keep up with demand, billing itself as the largest automatic transmission builder in Winnipeg. In the 1970s, the company expanded and diversified, adding services such as brake shoe relines, drive shaft rebuilds, and automatic transmissions for performance vehicles. As well, Wes-T-Rans established a retail parts store.

westrans growing company


westrans 19811981: A New Home
By the late 1970s, it was clear that the Bannister Road location was too small to hold the expanding and diversifying company. A plan was put in place to open a custom-built facility, large enough to hold Westrans’ operations. In 1981, a 61,000 square foot facility opened at 515 Oak Point Highway, in the heart of Winnipeg’s trucking and industrial strip. The new building held a large parts showroom, a service centre, a 40,000 square foot production facility, warehouse space, & administration offices.


westrans 19801980s: Heavy Duty and Industrial Vehicles
The move to the new larger Oak Point Highway building allowed Westrans to increase its work for heavy duty and industrial vehicles. New markets for Westrans included commercial trucks and trailers, industrial and agricultural vehicles, and contracts with the Department of National Defence.


westrans 1981 service centre1981: Service Centre
With the opening of the Westrans Service Centre in the new Oak Point Highway facility, Westrans was able to say, “We service what we sell.” With seven double-length service bays, Westrans began offering safety checks, repairs, and installations for all vehicles, from light to heavy duty.

westrans 1980 performance products


westrans 1984 thunder bay1984: Thunder Bay Branch
The company expanded into northwest Ontario, with a branch in Thunder Bay opening in 1984.





1986: Introducing Truck-Rite
In 1986, Wes-T-Rans trademarked Truck-Rite Parts & Service, its in house line of high quality relined brake shoes and remanufactured clutches.

westrans 1990 regina1990: Regina Branch
In 1990, Westrans moved west, opening a branch in Regina, Saskatchewan.





westrans 1998 ownership1998: Change of Ownership
In 1998, owner Adrian Cancilla sold the company he founded, marking the final chapter of his successful 30 year run with the company, and setting up Westrans for its next phase of diversification and growth.


westrans2010 keeps rollin2010: New Logo
In 2010, Westrans moved away from the red and white logo with the elongated arrow that had been its identifier for so many years, to a modern, green logo featuring a green truck. Then, in 2012, Westrans rolled out a new slogan: “Keeps You Rollin’!”



ttp2012: Tough Truck Parts
In 2012, Tough Truck Parts clutches became available. TTP is Westrans’ in-house-produced line of all-new heavy duty clutches. Made to exceed OEM specifications, they are designed in the “easy pedal” style for quick adjustment.


westrans drive shaft balancer2013: High Speed Drive Shaft Balancer
In 2013, with a growing driveline department, Westrans acquired a high-speed drive shaft balancer.




westrans genuine oe2014: Genuine OE Parts
In 2014, the company received commendation from Eaton for using genuine Eaton parts in Westrans remanufactured transmissions and differentials, continuing our tradition of using quality, genuine components in all our remanufactured parts.


westrans 50th2017

2017: Celebrating 50 Years In 2017, Westrans marks its 50th anniversary. Five decades after we first opened our doors, we’re proud to continue to offer quality parts, expert knowledge, and meaningful relationships with our customers.

Parts Hours


 WINNIPEG, MB • 204-633-9272

Weekdays 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Saturdays 8:30 a.m. to Noon


REGINA, SK • 306-721-7211

Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


THUNDER BAY, ON • 807-623-7773

Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

24-Hour Answering Service Available

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We are proud to be a member of HDA Truck Pride, North America's largest provider of parts and service to the commercial vehicle aftermarket. Partnering with HDA Truck Pride means we can provide our customers with the best parts availability, the best prices, and the best service. As well, Westrans is a member of Modern Sales Co-op, giving our customers access to huge variety of product lines at competitive price. Westrans is also proud to be a member of Heavy Duty Aftermarket Canada, Heavy Equipment & Aggregate Truckers Association of Manitoba, the Manitoba Trucking Association, and the International Truck Parts Association.