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This year's AGDAYS was held in Brandon, MB on Jan 16 to 18, 2018. Westrans was pleased to see some new and familiar faces. It's always nice to have the chance to talk to everyone and help solve new challenges customers may bring to us. Thank you to everyone that stopped in to say hello and visit Westrans' booth. We look forward to seeing you any many more new faces next year!


What's an ELD?

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Tech Tip

Tech Tip: Why Alternator Pad Mount Holes are Different

Sometimes the front and back mounting holes on a pad mount alternator are different sizes. The reason for that starts with understanding alternator pad mounting for heavy duty diesel engines. Manufacturers follow the SAE standard with six holes drilled and tapped into the engine block or mounting bracket. This is done to accommodate both long and short mounting pad arrangements.

Equipping the engine with both mounting arrangements allows for flexibility during assembly and throughout the service life. Both long and short pad mount style alternators will interchange on an application that shares a common front mount position.

The pair of tapped holes closest to the drive belt on the block or bracket will always be used to properly secure and align the alternator drive end and pulley to the accessory drive belt system. Thus, the corresponding holes on the pad mount are smaller in size and help to ensure a tight fit to the mounting bolt. This ensures proper pulley alignment, which is essential for belt life and system reliability.

The back two sets of tapped holes on the block or bracket are spaced to accommodate either a long pad or short pad mount alternator.

The corresponding holes on the pad mount alternator may be larger in diameter. This allows variations in the bracket and alternator assembly. These holes are mainly for securing the alternator in position.

When mounting an alternator, the mounting bolts should be placed in the drive end first, and tightened only after the other end has been properly placed into position.

The larger mounting holes allow the motor to align and be positioned with the register for proper operation. It does not negatively impact performance in any way.

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Westrans Open House

Westrans is Celebrating 50 YEARS!!!

September 7, 2017 we held a Customer Appreciation event. It was a memorable celebration as we proudly marked our 50th anniversary milestone. The Event included the official grand

re-opening of the parts show room, tours of our extensive production facilities, Ice road truckers, product demonstrations, fun activities, sale specials!

Westrans would like to say thank you to all our valued customers who have driven our business for 50 years!! Everything starts with the customers. Our customers demand products with quality, performance and sustainability. We partner with vendors who share this same commitment to service and quality. We will continue to strive to bring you the newest and most innovative products in the industry. This event was our opportunity to say thank you. We appreciate and value the continued support of our loyal customers, and say thank you for your business, your trust, and your confidence in us. 



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