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Meritor Platinum Sponsor


A special thank you to one of our Platinum sponsors Meritor.

Westrans has been teamed up with Meritor for decades. Supplying us with quality products.

Meritor Genuine OEM replacement parts are the best-quality aftermarket parts. They are ideal for new vehicles, vehicles still under warranty or for customers that want to maintain vehicle performance with genuine OEM replacement products.

Euclid all-makes parts are manufactured to Meritor engineering specifications, and are tested for performance to be sure they live up to the Euclid name. A brand that’s been trusted to us for 50 years.

For the exact same parts as those used on a new OEM vehicle with Meritor WABCO braking systems and controls, choose Meritor WABCO Genuine OEM replacement parts. You’re assured of parts with the same high standards as the originals for dependable performance and efficient productivity.






2017 CVSA Roadcheck

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) 30th annual International Roadcheck will take place June 6-8, 2017.

Over a 72-hour period, CVSA-certified commercial motor vehicle inspectors in jurisdictions throughout North America will conduct inspections of commercial motor vehicles and their drivers.

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Westrans joins CVSN

CVSN LogoWestrans is pleased to announce that the company has joined the Commercial Vehicle Solutions Network (CVSN), an association of Canadian and American independent parts and service aftermarket distributors serving the transportation industry.

In an ever-evolving industry, it’s critical for independent distributors such as Westrans to stay on top of changes in technology, the business landscape, and government regulations. As a member, Westrans has access to CVSN training and education, business growth opportunities, and awareness of legislative issues. One of the current legislative issues affecting the heavy duty vehicle aftermarket is the Right to Repair agreement, which seeks to allow independent distributors and service providers the same access to vehicle information as the original equipment manufacturer, similar to legislation that already exists in the automotive industry.

Westrans looks forward to being a part of CVSN’s strong membership base, and leveraging new industry knowledge and connections to better serve our customers. 

New product round-up: March 2017

Take a look at some of the new products now available at Westrans. 

Dynatex GTX Trailer Sealant Grey 49392


In response to customer demand, Westrans is now stocking products from Dynatex. Dynatex GTX Multi-Seal Adhesive Sealant is an ultra-synthetic polymer that resists on-the-road flexing and vibration. Use it on trailer seams, joints, tears, and holes. As well, Westrans is stocking Dynatex’s Minimal Expanding Foam, an easy-to-apply, paintable, mildew-resistant polyurethane foam.

Part numbers: White GTX Multi-Seal Adhesive Sealant 49391, Grey GTX Multi-Seal Adhesive Sealant 49392, Minimal Expanding Foam 56200


KenTool Socket Wrench SAE 35775Ken-Tool has a new, patented 8-in-1 Wrench, available with SAE or metric meaurements.  It’s a compact 7.5 inches in length, with a slide-twist-slide design that makes it easy to change wrench sizes. The “stud-through” feature allows studs and bolts to pass through the opening, making for easier use in tight spaces. The metric version has sizes 10 mm., 11 mm., 12 mm., 13 mm., 14 mm., 15 mm., 16 mm., and 17 mm. The SAE version has sizes 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/16”, 1/2”, 9/16”, 5/8”, 11/16” and 3/4”.

Part numbers: SAE 35775, Metric 35776


Conmet aftermarket hub top verticalWheel-end repairs can be time-consuming, costly, and hold the potential for errors, as the mechanic replaces the bearing cup, bearing cone, and the wheel seal, and then manually adjusts the bearing. But with a ConMet PreSet hub assembly, the mechanic simply slides the pre-assembled hub onto the spindle, torques the retaining nut, and adds lubricant. Repairs are faster, easier, more cost-efficient, and have a reduced potential for errors. ConMet PreSet hub assemblies are OEM-approved and come with a full factory warranty. Westrans has PreSet hub assemblies available for front, drive, and trailer axles, as well as conventional assemblies.


94421 5


Have you upgraded your headlamps to LED yet? The new Grote 4” x 6” LED headlamps appear brighter to the human eye than halogens or HIDs, and closer to the colour of natural sunlight. And like all LEDs, they last longer, and draw less power. The headlamps are available in high beam and low beam models.

Part numbers: Low beam 94421-5, high beam 94411-5


To find out more about these products, or any other Westrans items, contact your local Westrans parts department

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