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What can your engine oil tell you about your vehicle?


Shell LubeAnalyst Report sampleAnalysis of your used oil can be an important tool in your vehicle's preventative and predictive maintenance. This analysis improves the vehicle's reliability and lowers repair costs by identifying potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical.

Right now, the Westrans Service Centre is offering free access to the Shell LubeAnalyst program with a full service oil change using Shell's Rotella T6 Synthetic 5W-40 or Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend 10W-30 engine oil.

A Shell LubeAnalyst report is a detailed analysis of your equipment. Not only will you receive the test results, you will also get a diagnosis which explains the different values and gives advice specifically tailored for your vehicle. After sending the second sample for testing, you will receive graphs showing the trends for each test element.

Contact the Westrans Service Centre at 204-633-9408 to schedule your oil change, and to find out how the Shell LubeAnalyst can benefit your vehicle or fleet.

Has your fan clutch failed too soon?

fan clutch kit masters

If your vehicle is experiencing engine overheating, this could be caused by a fan clutch air leaks, or a fan clutch that is not engaging.

Westrans’ Winnipeg location offers custom rebuilds of fan clutches (also known as fan hubs) using Kit Masters fan clutch kits. At Westrans, our fan clutch rebuilding process typically takes 90 minutes to two hours, and in most cases can be completed with same-day service. 

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Safe and fast clean-ups: New spill control products

spill control

Westrans is happy to announce we've expanded our line of spill control products. We now offer a variety of tools for spill containment, including:

  • Spill control booms
  • Spill control socks
  • Spill control pillows
  • Spill control pads
  • Vehicle spill control kits
  • Clay-based floor absorbents

Our product offerings include universal absorbents, as well as "oil-only" spill control products, which are designed to absorb oil and not water.


Welcome to our new website

WebsiteOur new website is here!


Westrans is excited to be welcoming 2016 with a new website. Our aim is to create a website that has more content, is easier to navigate, better showcases Westrans’ products and services, and makes it easier for our customers to get in touch with us. And as a growing number of people are using the Internet on smartphones and other devices, we worked to make our new Westrans website mobile-friendly.

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