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Westrans now offers online payments

Since launching our new website earlier this year, we’ve been working to make it even easier to access Westrans products and support online. Here is an overview of the online services we offer to help you manage your Westrans account:

Online credit card payments

Do you have an outstanding amount on your Westrans account? We’ve now made it easy for you to make Visa, MasterCard, and American Express payments online. Payments are processed through our partner, Moneris Solutions, making your online transaction convenient and secure. Visit our customer support page for more information, or to make a payment today.

Online store

It’s 2016, and most Internet users are used to searching for what they want, when they want. With Westrans’ e-store, you can search our huge inventory of parts. Check the availability of the parts you need, and order them for delivery or in-store pick-up. You can also view your recent purchases, account statements, and invoices. To get started, you’ll need a registered Westrans account. If you already have an account, head to the Westrans e-store to get started. If you don’t have an account yet, see our customer support page and click on “Apply for credit.”

Online billing

If you’re an existing Westrans customer, and you’re still receiving invoices and monthly statements by letter mail or by fax, switching to online billing is easy and convenient. See our customer support page and click on “Online billing.”

That being said, even with the conveniences of the Internet age, we are still more than happy to hear from our customers in person, whether that’s in person or over the phone. Visit the Contact Us page for all the addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses you need to get in touch.

Focus on tire safety: International Roadcheck 2016

It’s almost time for the world’s largest targeted enforcement program on commercial vehicles. International Roadcheck 2016 happens from June 7 to 9, 2016. For 72 hours, CVSA-certified safety inspectors will be out performing an increased volume of safety inspections on commercial vehicles – on average, three times as many inspections as are done on a regular day.

Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance focuses on a particular category of violations. International Roadcheck 2016, the emphasis will be on tire safety. Tire Safety

The following tips for avoiding tire violations come courtesy of the CVSA:

Know the Regulations
Motor carrier regulations set minimum requirements for safe tire operation, including provisions for proper inflation and loading, minimum tread depth and safe tire condition. Compliance with these regulations does not guarantee safety but it significantly reduces the likelihood that a tire issue will cause a collision. Tire regulations fall primarily under Regulation 625 in Ontario. Similar regulations are established for other jurisdictions.

Keep Your Vehicle Suspension in Alignment
In addition to potentially affecting safe control of the vehicle, improper alignment may wear down tires. Your maintenance plan should include tire/wheel/suspension alignment.

Follow Industry Best Practices for Tire Management
Tire inflation should be checked at appropriate intervals during operation. There are many resources available to assist with proper tire management.

Understand Tire Specifications
Tires are rated not only for size, but for maximum load, type of service and speed of operation. Tire specifications on a vehicle tire information label should be followed. Inspectors check for overloading of a tire’s sidewall capacity during roadside inspections when scales are available.

Air Pressure
  • 15 per cent under inflation in a tire equals approximately an 8 per cent decrease in expected tread mileage.
  • 10 psi under inflation can cause a tire to wear out 20 per cent faster than normal.
  • Tires can lose 3 psi per month due to air migration.
  • Under inflated tires can run up to 5 degrees hotter for every psi of under inflation due to excessive flexing.
  • Matching tire air pressures is critical in dual assemblies.
  • A mismatch of 5 psi can change the tire circumference, and over 162, 000 km would be equivalent to dragging the under inflated tire 400 km.
Tread Size
  • Each tread width size below the manufacturer’s recommended width reduces tread mileage by 10 percent.
Tread Depths
  • Across axles and between tandem axles, tread depths should be within 4/32".
Wheel Position/Matching Duals
  • A left front steer tire wears faster than the right tire.
  • On a set of dual tires, the tires should be less than 1/4" difference in diameter (less than 3/4" difference in circumference).
For more information about International Roadcheck 2016, see the CVSA website.

What can your engine oil tell you about your vehicle?


Shell LubeAnalyst Report sampleAnalysis of your used oil can be an important tool in your vehicle's preventative and predictive maintenance. This analysis improves the vehicle's reliability and lowers repair costs by identifying potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical.

Right now, the Westrans Service Centre is offering free access to the Shell LubeAnalyst program with a full service oil change using Shell's Rotella T6 Synthetic 5W-40 or Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend 10W-30 engine oil.

A Shell LubeAnalyst report is a detailed analysis of your equipment. Not only will you receive the test results, you will also get a diagnosis which explains the different values and gives advice specifically tailored for your vehicle. After sending the second sample for testing, you will receive graphs showing the trends for each test element.

Contact the Westrans Service Centre at 204-633-9408 to schedule your oil change, and to find out how the Shell LubeAnalyst can benefit your vehicle or fleet.

Has your fan clutch failed too soon?

fan clutch kit masters

If your vehicle is experiencing engine overheating, this could be caused by a fan clutch air leaks, or a fan clutch that is not engaging.

Westrans’ Winnipeg location offers custom rebuilds of fan clutches (also known as fan hubs) using Kit Masters fan clutch kits. At Westrans, our fan clutch rebuilding process typically takes 90 minutes to two hours, and in most cases can be completed with same-day service. 

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