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First, the bad news: It’s winter, and for vehicles with air brakes, that can mean trouble. There is a greater chance of moisture getting into your air brake system, which leads to a greater risk of frozen air brake lines. The good news is that this problem is often easy to prevent.  

Here are a few tips to help you prevent frozen air brake lines:

  • Change your air desiccant cartridge regularly, in accordance to the product manufacturer’s recommendations. Many operators choose to change their cartridges every fall, when the difference between the cool outdoor temperatures and warm temperature of the air in the compressor can cause a high dew point.
  • Drain your air tanks daily to remove excessive moisture.
  • When possible, park inside, and leave your drain valves open overnight.
  • Keep your evaporator filled with air brake anti-freeze. The alcohol vapor will mix with any remaining moisture, reducing its tendency to freeze.
  • Always keep a bottle of air brake anti-freeze on hand in the truck.

Remember that Westrans is your source for air brake components, including compressors, air lines, air brake valves, drain valves, alcohol evaporators, air dryers and cartridges, air brake anti-freeze, and emergency-use products for when freezing has already occurred.

Westrans remanufactures air brake compressors for engine types including Cummins, Detroit, and Caterpillar. We keep a big supply in stock, so it’s easy to exchange your core for a top-quality replacement model. We can also custom build your compressor to your specs. 

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