STEMCO QT108SB QWIKTIE® Tie Rod Assembly

STEMCO QT108SB QWIKTIE® Tie Rod Assembly

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Brand : STEMCO

Designed to increase simplicity and safety.

Designed to increase simplicity and safety.

STEMCO® QWIKTIE® tie rod assembly offers a highly adaptable solution that can accommodate a wide range of straight tie rod lengths.

Advanced Technology

QWIKTIE’s versatile range of adjustment makes it a flexible stock addition. QWIKTIE tie rod assemblies are highly adjustable to fit over 80% of the straight tie rod lengths and styles in the market. QWIKTIE features easy color attributes for identification and accurate installation. Patent Pending.

Increased Versatility

With a versatile tie rod solution, QWIKTIE tie rod assemblies reduce overhead for maximum efficiency. QWIKTIE fits from 57 3 /8″ to 73 7 /8″ total length from grease zerk to zerk.

Increased Strength

Increased strength and a more even clamping force holds the alignment longer, reducing stress on other suspension components providing increased fuel and tire mileage.

Greater Accuracy

Finer threads provide a more precise adjustment, reducing stress on other steering components. Threads are pre-lubricated for ease of installation and easy adjustment over time.

Safe and Secure

Alignment settings are easily adjusted in a timely manner to achieve a safe, secure connection between the tie rod and threaded tie rod end.

Dimension (L x W x H) 0 x 0 x 0 Inch
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